5/15 Not working


The code I'm trying to submit isn't working. I think I'm doing the right thing but it show me the following error:

"Oops, tente outra vez. Set the div#player to the track title"

Here's my code:

  client_id: 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID'

$(document).ready(function() {
SC.get('/tracks/293', function(track) {


Take the .dot out in front of the html(track.title).

Here is what I changed.


I had the same problem. Your solution worked. But this is a bug, isn't it? Normally you would use the dot? That's also what is written in the hint.


Most definitely a bug, you need to access the property via the dot operator.


Yeah. It says "Way to go! [Start Next Lesson]..." but, the code is still incorrect and you need to use the "." operator to use .html(); and it says Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier (which is correct)


This bug definitely needs to be fixed. There are many lessons on this site with bugs like this that haven't been fixed in months.


This is still bugged. Please fix Codecademy overlords!


You need to actually create a SC account and use that in place of 'YOUR_CLIENT_ID' for the code to work. Otherwise, the lesson is only checking syntax.


You can as well use client_id from the last (4/15) lesson.


codecademy; please fix. this worries me. a simple bug like this reported October 2015, and still not fixed?

i'm sitting here considering codecademy pro, but after seeing this bug still here after this long...? very hesitant.


Yeah, that solution worked for me too. But it is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed by Codecademy team.


WOW this is July 2016 and this bug still hasn't been fixed!


Fast forward 2 weeks after the last post and bug still not fixed.


Checking in near the end of '16, still not fixed. It's a shame, Codecademy used to be so great! I guess their beholden to a few VC firms and financial stakeholders, so they've got to focus on turning a profit from their once wonderful app.

But yeah, completely ignoring the "free" side of things doesn't bode well for the content on the other side of the paywall, either...


March 2017 but still exists.


June 2017 ! Bug still exists :frowning:


July 2017 bug still exists


Lack of support for simple bugs like this shows me they want the money…


:hammer: gotta fix it