5/13/20 - New Design for Path & Course Syllabi

Hey Community!

Today we started rolling out a new design for Path syllabi, as seen below.

Currently this will only be seen by 20% of users, but will roll out to 100% next week, and we’ll have a course syllabus view coming out soon thereafter. We hope that this new design makes your journey easier to understand and follow. We’re always working to improve the experience, how can the syllabus view be better? Let us know in the comments!

[update 7/21/17] we have now started rolling these out for courses too. Keep your feedback coming!


more whitespace is always a good feature . looks amazing . iam looking forward to it.

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I love the white space and it does make the info easier to digest. I do miss the confetti, though! It’s the little things. Please bring back the confetti! :grinning:

Noted! You’re not the only person to ask about this, and we’ll look into it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for considering my request! It was so satisfying to go to your syllabus and see that you had earned some celebratory confetti :confetti_ball: :clap:

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I’ve been loving the change. Particularly, the really convenient access to the cheatsheets now after a section is complete.

My feedback:

  • While a section isn’t fully completed it will show the number of lessons, projects and quizzes in that section as a subtitle. Once the section is complete though, that information will be lost and switched to the links to the cheatsheets. Might be just me but sometimes I go back and I like to know what’s in each section without having to click to expand it.
  • The old design included a summary at the top with the title of each of the 14 chapters of the Web Dev path. That’s gone. I would imagine it was nice for a lot of people to have a quick view of what was in store for the path?
  • With so much white space, it takes significant scrolling to make it to the bottom lessons