5/11 step 2 can't get past



Step 2 will not complete.


me too. Iam stuck on this exercise. I do it all and the exercise can't pass me to further level


Same...can't get past Step 2.


Got it...I just stared at it until it finally submitted.

In terminal type, (nano ~/.bash_profile), and it will read out the text in the file. The text needs to be (echo "Welcome, Jane Doe"), with "Jane Doe" being whatever name you want, and the next line being (alias pd="pwd").

-If you need to change or edit the text then refer to the commands that appear at the bottom of the terminal screen to do so.

Then follow the commands in nano that are at the bottom of the screen to exit, (Crtl X). When you attempt to exit it will prompt you to save the file. Push Y, and then hit enter to save.

Finally, type Clear in the terminal to clear the terminal (honestly, not completely sure this was necessary).

I believe the program is looking for the exact code. Think of it like a password. If one character is missing then the password fails. I was missing the "s" at the end of "alias".


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