5/11 Boolean Operators, my answer seems to be right but it keeps telling me its wrong


I think my answer is right but it keeps telling me its wrong. I even let it give me the right answer and it’s still telling me it’s wrong.
This is what I wrote:

public class Precedence {
public static void main(String args) {

	boolean riddle = !( 1 < 8 && (5 > 2 || 3 < 5));



Am I overlooking something or did I not understand the instructions?

i have the same problem. i got the right answer…false but its still showing the same message,and i can not continue the unit.

That sucks, it would be awesome if you could skip to the next lesson.

i have the same problem.too. Maybe this problem arise from Codecademy’s system failed.

im having the same problem

Sent a bug report yesterday and tried it today and now its working,