5/10 Why is the console printing "You manage to pull the sword out.", even though I put something other then YES or STRONG ENOUGH?


var user = prompt("You come across a sword stuck blade first into the ground while walking one day. Do you attempt to take it out? 'YES', 'NO', or 'RUN AWAY'?").toUpperCase();

case "YES":
var strong = prompt("Are you strong? 'YES', or 'NO', or 'STRONG ENOUGH'?").toUpperCase();
if(user === "YES" && strong === "YES"||"STRONG ENOUGH"){
console.log("You manage to pull the sword out.");
console.log("The sword still won't budge");
case "NO":
console.log("You keep walking.")
case "RUN AWAY":
console.log("You run away from the sword.");
console.log("You didn't put an answer that I recognize.");


You should insert a variable in left part of association at the following line:
if(user === "YES" && strong === "YES"|| strong === "STRONG ENOUGH"){


Ahh, thank you!
So logical operators in JavaScript always require assignment to an object?