5/10 here is one more way to use cp navigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/



can anyone tell me what did i miss please?


cd only takes one argument: the folder you want to go to.
A folder can be four different things:

  1. The name of a directory in the current directory (do ls to find these)
  2. .: this means ‘the current directory’, so this has no effect
  3. .. this means ‘one directory back’
  4. A combination of the three above, for instance cd ./../code/python/../ruby will result in going one folder up, in the ‘code’ folder and then in the ‘ruby’ folder


thank u that really helped


i didnt understand :sweat:



If you have a problem, please post it in a new topic with your question just a question of keeping the forum clean.


but i did as you said and i cant get it right. Can you help me with the actual code pls:sweat:


This one is already solved. Please ask as a separate question with your exact problem.


No problem figured it out. Thanks for your attention:slight_smile: