5/10 Error: Set Font Size to 20px


The Preview Window changed the Color and Fontsize correctly and looks like it is supposed to. I didn't do anything to the HTML and read a few threads here about the color line making trouble. font-size seems to be a new one.

I don't know where I got wrong .. Help would be very appreciated!


Hi Deus,

this all looks right, it might just be a browser issue, can you try clearing your cache if that doesnt work can you try switching browsers. Not sure why that works but it seems to!




Argh!! Clearing the cache did the job! I seriously started to doubt my brains functionality, thanks for the relief and quick reply!

Edit: Getting this problem again for the next lessons, too - Safari seems to have some issues here, it lags heavily, too - I thought that came with the live preview.

Switched to Firefox now and that is another story, a whole lot faster and smoother! Maybe this helps some people here.


I dont know why this happens, I have always used Chrome exclusively and never had these issues. But it seems to happen quite often to some people.

I did notice it lagging once on the Rails course but that might have just been a peak time for the site.


Ok, getting the cache issues in firefox now, too.

Hmm - maybe it's some compatability problem with a plugin I have installed - I don't know how far communication goes between plugins and different browsers. But as long as it runs smooth i don't mind flushing the cache. Maybe get Chrome and try if it comes with it, too - haha!


its definitely not just you, its something I see quite often on the forums. But I havent personally experienced it