5.1 git merge, cd my-quizzes returns 'No such file or directory'


When I enter the given command “cd my-quizzes” I get the following error message: “bash: cd: my-quizzes: No such file or directory”. I’ve tried restarting the exercise as well as going back and restarting the previous exercise, but it doesn’t help. Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?

You’ve already moved into a directory by that name, does it have a subdirectory with the same name? Like this?

└── my-quizzes
    └── my-quizzes

You may want to use some other commands to find out where you are and compare that to where you mean to be. Keep in mind that you’re in a filesystem and that you have access to all the same operations that a graphical file explorer would present you with (and far more)


Hi @ionatan, thanks for your help! I started doing the Command Line tutorial while I was stuck in the Git tutorial and I learned the pwd command, which I think you refer to. I used it and you’re right, I’m in the directory where I need to be already.

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