410 gone error shown in wanderlust project

Hey, I was working on the Wanderlust project in the “Learn Intermediate JavaScript” course and I am having an error at step 13. I wanted to see what is the response of the fetched url but the JS console returns a 410 gone error.

Here is my code:


Here is the error shown in the browser:


Is there any way to fix this error? Thanks in advance.

Hello, I was wondering if you solved this issue, since no one has responded. I am having the same problem and I can not find a solution(so frustrating!!)

I don’t know if this will help, but here is a step by step solution for the exercise: Javascript Project Wanderlust - YouTube

Foursquare deprecated version 2 of their API so you’ll need to use version 3. This post will walk you through the process: Wanderlust Project - step 17 | console 410 error - #3 by deejays

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Note that Codecademy is currently in the process of updating that project to be compatable with the new v3 Foursquare API so (if you haven’t already) I’d recommend skipping the project for now and coming back to it once they do, hopefully soon.

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