404 Error


Getting a 404 Error when going from the previous project "Move" to this one.


I think you have to buy codecedemy pro. They just changed. The only reason I can do it is because I already started it before they changed it. You can't use anything past move.


Good day all

I have the same issue as themaraldocode and read onyxrenee's answer. But does that mean there's no other website projects for basic accounts after Shutterbug?


I noticed Codecademy changed this in the past week. If you have started a Website Project module, then you should still have access to it regardless of your account status. If you are trying to begin a new project, you need to purchase the upgrade to Codecademy Pro in order to have access.


yeah, it is all projects. I thought you could do a couple free, but you can't.


Thanks for the answer, dreamthink. I will have to review my training plan, then :wink:

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