404 error when clicking "Catalog"

Hi. Today I’m getting a 404 error when clicking catalog for a full listing of the available classes.

This is new. I wasn’t getting this error a few days ago.

When clicking “Catalog” from dashboard (codecademy.com/learn) it directs to:


And indicates a 404 error.

A similar redirect occurs when attempting to access “Catalog” from my profile (codecademy.com/X3RV).

I thought someone should be made aware ASAP as this seems like a very serious error.

I’m still able to progress via my dashboard. If additional information is needed feel free to pm me or respond on this topic.

:slight_smile: X

Yes i have the same issue …

Hi @x3rv and @amr011,

I think CodeCademy is rolling out new interface for the catalog section, it was a bit lag for me hours ago, but now it’s showing newly designed catalog interface with some new courses offered.

The user base is huge, gotta take some time to roll out the changes, meanwhile Happy Coding! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Edit: (On second thought)

I try visiting CodeCademy’s Catalog without any account to see if the changes is similar (because previously the Catalog is different when you logged-in versus when you’re logged-out).

The new interface is there and it’s the exact same. Meaning the HTML page should be ready to be fetched from users.

So guys, sorry I have no idea what is happening there. :thinking:

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Yeah. I deleted my cookies (thinking it may have been a stale cookie problem) and came back to the sight. Then the catalog is listed. But … even then, after clicking the “catalog” button, it does not work as one would expect. Instead, it works as above.

(Hopefully, these extended explanations can help to get a solution) :slight_smile:

If you are having this problem and you wish to go to the catalog try this link (it should land where you are trying to go):