404 Error There isn't a GitHub Pages site here


I went through all the steps and got a custom domain but when I try to access it it says 404 Error There isn't a GitHub Pages site here. Any ideas on how to fix this? The Github site is http://ghughes13.github.io/ghughes13/

Also on this exercise,


step 6 says: "Your site is published at http://yourcustomdomain.com". Mine doesnt say that. It says my site's been published at http://ghughes13.github.io/ghughes13/


In your index.html
you may only use absolute paths for any external page assets like CSS files, images.....


So any idea what I'd need to change? I haven't done anything to the Index.html aside from what Jekyll created when i put $Jekyll new ghughes13 in the console.


Have not done the course yet
but with a google search
http://yourcustomdomain.com 404 site:stackoverflow.com
you will find articles like


Your repository name isn't what it should be


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