404 Error: GitHub Page Not Showing! Help Please!

I technically finished the “Deploy You Website to GitHub Pages” lesson, and I see all of the files on my repository ( https://github.com/liz2828/liz2828.github.io ), but every time I search up my website’s url liz2828.github.io I get the “404 There isn’t a GitHub Pages site here” screen.

Am I just somehow typing in the url wrong, or did something go wrong with the transferring process and I have to change my files around? I have finished the lesson just under an hour ago (I think that should have been enough time to process by now).

For the record, the original name of the repository was “lesson” (plus the rest- the forum will only let me put 2 links) but after all the files were set up I renamed the repository to the current name. I was getting the 404 error with the old name too.

This is my first time trying to deploy a website, any help would be appreciated, thank you!

No idea what’s causing your 404.

But the files seem to be what they should be. The first course showed you an example of serving locally. The course simulated you calling the server and then browsing to it. Now that you have the files in your repo you can actually do that on your own:


I’ve tested your repo this way and it works as expected.

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