40 yo

Hello everybody,
This is my first post but I hope It will encourage the discussion.
I am currently 43 years old and I hate my current job. I have always been interested in IT but for all different reasons I have never had a chance to make any career out of my interests.
My question is: Is it to late for 43 yo person to become a web developer (or software developer)?

I would love to get honest answers for people in the IT field preferably HR people.
Thank You


Disclaimer: 18 y.o., working but not in IT or HR, but seen these questions pop up on Codecademy many times.

The better person to ask this question to would be yourself; do you think it’s too late? If I tell you “nah, you’ve got time! Go do it!” but you don’t agree with me, there’s no point in asking. My honest response would be as follows:

No, it’s not too late, because you’re still asking.

If you didn’t ask, you clearly would not have wanted to try, but it seems the only thing you’re lacking here is encouragement from peers, so:

You can do it!

Edit: Welcome to Codecademy, by the way :slight_smile:


I sure hope not!
I am 50 (51 in a few weeks) and just getting started myself. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks (let’s hope).
Good luck, let’s show these “kids” how it’s done :wink:


Does it mean you are 10 years behind me LOL
Good luck mate I hope it will work out well for you and I am going back to the next learning session

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