40 years old from UK. any success stories?


I’m currently 41 years ( physically 25 , still in very good shape lol ). Started programming when I was 18 had to give up due to personal reasons though I liked it. tried to back in on and off. Spent most of the time in hospitality & retail industry and I’m fed-up to the core. I really like to be in creative & innovative environment. Is there anyone with similar experience managed to find a job ? I do know you can’t make massive success overnight but my question is it worth it? thank you…


I don’t know him personally, but I’ve heard of someone who started at 36 and managed to find a job after two years of working at it.


I’ve only just started, but I’m 34, and from a background in shipping.

Come back and ask me in 2 years’ time to see if it was all worth it…


I started my career with no prior experience in IT and I loved the opportunity to be creative and innovate as a team.
Have you played Ragnarok? I was the guy hired to build the Brazilian e-Commerce system to start the comercial phase of the korean company Gravity in Brazil.
It was a dream coming true: I had the chance to design and implement new features every 2-weeks. At that time there were no such names as Sprint (Scrum methodology) or start-ups but we were paving the way to what nowadays people call agility. Do you believe that I could play online every time I wanted?
I was working with C# code and Sql Server databases. Nowadays I know some other programming languages but still coding some C# programs from time to time.
I am studying MVC (a software architecture) to be fluent with Angular, a programming language developed by guys at Google.
I must confess that I’m not rich, but I can pay the bills doing what I love.
And Yes, it worth it!