4. What am i doing wrong? Please help :)


I'm pretty new to coding, so have probably just written it wrong, considering the error message says my syntax is incorrect. I was just wondering if we have to use the exact templates we've been provided with? I wanted to go ahead and use my own dialog to suit myself; a recreation of a basic game idea i had a while back. So, could you please let me know if the error is with my code, or if i just have to use the suggested story line words. Thanks.

confirm("Are you ready to play? If so, please click OK.")
var age = prompt("Firstly, how old are you?")
if(age <= 13)
console.log ("I'm very sorry, but you're simply not old enough for some of the content in this game...I hold no responsibilty for you if you decide to play.")
console.log ("Okay, let's begin!")

console.log ("You awaken, face down to a cold floor. The surroudning area is completly black. You lift your head and swallow what tastes like blood.")
console.log ("A quite voice comes from nearby: H-hello? Is someone here? I-I thought I heard a sound...");

userAnswer = prompt("Do you say hello?)


You will have to place a closing double-quote-"

"Do you say hello?"