4. the first 'if' statement


Im not sure what I did wrong here
is it a syntax error
Help me out!

var slaying = true;
var youHit = Math.floor(Math.random() * 2);
var damageThisRound = Math.floor(Math.random()*5 + 1);
var totalDamage = 0;
while(slaying === true){
   if (youHit === 1) {
       console.log ("You hit the dragon!");}
    else {
    console.log("You missed the dragon!");
    slaying = false;


Hi @axle_kim,

Could you please add what error you are encountering with this code? Just as a friendly reminder adding as much information on your question really helps everyone out :slight_smile:

I ran your code as is through Unit 4, Dragon Slayer Lesson 4 and it passed with no problems :slight_smile: Which is great ideally, but if you are encountering issues could you please let us know what issue and then someone will try to help as soon as they can.



Hi @bitace35576,

From your screenshot, we can see that your very first console.log() has an equals sign "=" after it and before the opening paren.

console.log= ("Slaying e falso");  //remove the = symbol

PS: In the most friendliest way possible :slight_smile: It's always better to start your own thread rather than hijack an existing one :wink:


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