4. Syntax Error


SyntaxError: Unexpected token ':'

var getReview = function (movie) {

switch(movie) {
case "Toy Story 2":
return("Great story. Mean prospector.")
case "Finding Nemo":
return("Cool animation, and funny turtles.")
case: "The Lion King":
return("Great songs.")
return("I don't know")




Have a good look at

case: "The Lion King":


Sorry for the offtopic, but please help if you can :wink:

The last few days I have been living in your webpage, IMO its really fun to learn all this stuff. I have learned the basics of HTML and CSS.

My long-term goal wold be to create a website similar to GoFundMe.com (a crowdfunding platform) or at least a simple version of the site.

I hope you could answer this question for me - What skills (coding languages) would I need to learn to do the most work myself?
I realize its basically impossible to do it on my own, but just so I wouldnt have to spend so much on freelancers.

Looking forward to your answert & thanks in advance


Hi, that totally depends on the functionality you want in your website. An informative website could be done on your own.