4. Setting Up the 'If' Branch, Part 1!

print user_imput = gets.chomp.downcase!
if user_imput.include? “s”
print “there is a s”

does this code work for you guys? it does not work for me

I have exactly the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Here, this worked for me

print “Please type here your statement”
user_input = gets.chomp
user_input.include? “s”
puts “\(^O^)/”


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print user_imput = gets.chomp.downcase!

Your code was almost right except for the typo and “input” and the method chaining. If you put user_input.downcase! on its own line you should pass. (I made the same mistake)

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I’m so confused about this :tired_face:

do you take out the .include or do you not???

when I tried to used what MZ used I got a error message

It should work if you remove the !, i.e. user_input=gets.chomp.downcase.

If I understand correctly (which I very well may not), since ! prevents the creation of a new copy of what is returned by gets.chomp, user_input will end up being nil. By removing the !, you let .downcase return a lowercase copy of what what returned by gets.chop, which is then set to user_input.

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Hey thanks man…it helped me pass to the next stage!

That was it for me, too. Thanks!

Nice ,Thanks,it helped me pass to the next stage!

Thanks for this guys !