4. Rock your selectors


4. Rock your selectors

Hay guys i don't know what i have done wrong. The question is:

On the CSS tab:

Set all paragraph text to the hexadecimal color #00E5EE.
Set all paragraph text for paragraphs nested inside div tags to the hex color #CC0000. (What color will they turn if they've already been told in step #1 to be #00E5EE? See the Hint!)
Put a border with the hex color #3A5FCD around every HTML element. It can be solid, dotted, dashed, 2px, 3px, whatever you like!

Replace this line with your code. 
/*Add your CSS below!*/
P div {
   font-color: #00E5EE
div p {
    style: #CC0000
* {
    border: dotted 2px #3A5FCD 


Have a read in
== the Book ==


this css selector: P div will select all divs inside paragraphs, but you want to target all paragraphs.

font-color is not a existing property, it should be color. same for style, that should also be color.


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