4. Rock your selectors


What I'm I missing here?

Css Selectors 4. Rock Your Selectors

there are two proper ways to declare a border:

border: 5px dashed red;

or with the individual property's

border-width: 5px;
border-style: dashed;
border-color: red;

color also colors the text, and it is not the proper way to declare a border


I am not sure what I'm missing here all looks to be fine could someone help me out please.


your border declaration is still not right, problem with my instructions?

div p p p? a paragraph in a paragraph in a paragraph in a div, i don't think you have that


what's wrong with my border declaration, I do not understand.
I used
div p p p {
color: #CC0000

is it supposed to be like this.
p {
color: #00E5EE;
div p p p {
color: #CC0000
* {
border: 5px dashed red;


well, you either need a border property with 3 values, or the individual property's, like i showed you.

I used different values for the border, so you couldn't just copy it. i think div p p p should be div p


I changed div p p p to div p & used an aster ix for my universal declaration and I got it right. Thank you @stetim94