4. Lists+functions - code doesnt work


I'm stuck at exercise 4, in day at the supermarket(https://www.codecademy.com/courses/python-beginner-en-IZ9Ra/0/4?curriculum_id=4f89dab3d788890003000096)

def fizz_count(x):
    count = 0
    for n in x:
        if n == "fizz":
            count = count + 1
        return count

it seems that my code is wrong because it only does count = count +1 if the first item on the list =="fizz"
i really don't know whats wrong, there is no topic with the same problem and i read my code like 15 times over and over but i'm absolutely sure it is right.

the error message say: Oops, try again. fizz_count(['buzz', 8, 'fuzz', 'fuzz', 'fizz', 'fizz']) returned 0 instead of the correct answer: 2

If the list begins with fizz it returns 1
can anyone figure out the mistake.


a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached, if a return keyword is reached in the loop, the loop will break

so your loop breaks in its fist iteration


thanks, but how do i fix it then?
in the explanation there's an example code and mine is exactly similar but it doesnt work


place return outside the loop so the whole loop can run and doesn't break in its first iteration


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