4.<li> tags

The course tells me that I need to surround list items with <li> tags. However I learned from a different source that you do not need 2 <li> per list item but one. It would look something like this:

<li>Thing one
<li>Thing two
<li>Thing three

rather than:

<li>Thing one</li>
<li>Thing two</li>
<li>Thing three</li>

I think this may work both ways just because maybe html automatically ends tags when you make only one tag on the line? I don’t know if that’s why but I just want a confirmation on why this works both ways. Thanks!
~Bob Bricks

html5 allows for certain tags that they don’t need a closing tag (like list)

you can read up on the latest html5 standards and recommendations

this course is from before the release of html5

Thanks! Also, should the course work on HTML5 or not because my code works when I don’t add an end tag to <li>.

html5 code will work, the exercise instructions just don’t always follow the latest standards and recommendations (which can change rapid)

Got it. Thanks!:slight_smile:

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