4. Inner joins step 1. Counting newspaper subscribers

I’m working on Lesson 4. Inner Joins. Step 1 says to: Count the number of subscribers who get a print newspaper. Am I not already accomplishing that task with the first count() function below?

FROM newspaper;

select count(*)
from online;

select *
from newspaper
join ON newspaper.id = online.id

Submitting the above code yields the result:

Did you remember to count all rows of newspaper?

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This worked for me, in terms of displaying as expected. I did not reset the lesson so cannot say if it will still pass, but it did at the time I did this exercise a couple years ago.

select count(*) from newspaper;
select count(*) from online;

SELECT newspaper.id, online.last_name
FROM newspaper JOIN online
ON newspaper.id = online.id;
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This also does not allow me to proceed. I’m still getting the message: Did you remember to count all rows of newspaper?

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