4. I Have to Scan It More Than Once?


as you can see all is fine.
but the interface is not able to understand it...
tired of this non-quality... this is an old course - by now it should be cleaned even if it was published without bug-check.

cashRegister.scan("eggs" , 4);
cashRegister.scan("milk" , 4);
cashRegister.scan("magazine" , 4);
cashRegister.scan("echocolategs" , 4);


cashRegister.scan("echocolategs" , 4);

Read the instructions closely and then look back to this line. Remember also that it's an EXACT expression meaning all letter have to be the same, lastly, note how many you're adding comparing to what the lesson says specifically for "chocolates"

I hope this helps, and I believe in you! :+1:


yup, this one was my bad. after so many... I got use to be the other way around...
(plus, it was copy-pasted, not handwriting so I trusted that part)
again, this one - my bad!


Does this solve your inquiry sir?


affirmative, my good sir.


'dough i have another inquiry: i'm puzzled how on earth this "thing" manage to obtain such an result (about 16 decimals) based on multiplying and adding numbers with only two decimals...


That's a calculators error I'm afraid, but this shouldn't effect your passing or failing the lesson. If you would like you can refresh your browser and that should fix the problem,

Hope this helps! :+1:


yeah, of course... as i said, i'm just puzzled... i'm very curious about the process... any line i'mm commenting the "miracle effect" persist (i observed it yesterday, today i checked again and he is there).
again, i'm not complaining about it... this is just at "how curious!" level...


and did i said thank you? i missed it it seems...
so, here it is: Thank You!


You're very welcome :smile:

If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know, and we'll get you the information in as expedient a matter as possible.


Sorry. But I laughed too hard on this! LMAOOOOOOOO