4. I have to celebrate you baby


Help! the exercise keeps saying "get the review for "The Lion King" and i dont know what i'm doing wrong

Replace this line with your code. 
var movie = prompt("What movie? The Lion King?"); 

var getReview = function(movie) {
    switch(movie) { 
        case "Toy Story 2":
        return "Great story. Mean prospector.";
        case "Finding Nemo": 
        return "Cool animation, and funny turtles."; 
        case "The Lion King": 
            return "Great songs";
        return "I don't know!"; 


There is absolutely nothing wrong with this... must some typo you made that caused a dum codecademy error...


Thanks! I went back and checked the strings and I realized that I was missing a period after "Great songs" in the "The Lion King" case.


Well, you need to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, which I see you did in your second post. Also, you don't need to write at the end, getReview(movie); All you need to do is write the switch statement.