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I can't tell what's wrong. It says to check the review of Toy Story 2.

var getReview = function (movie) {
return (movie);
switch(movie) {
case "Toy Story 2":
return "Great story. Mean prospector."
case "Finding Nemo":
return "Cool animation, and funny turtkes."
case "The Lion King":
return "Great songs."
return "I don't know!"


The return statement will cause a direct EXIT from the getReview() function !!!!
So your code

var getReview = function (movie) {
return (movie);

will never reach your switch() statement.


The code-checker tests:
-1 is getReview a function ??
-2 is a switch used with its parameter-expression being =movie=
-3 it then tests if you use the correct text's
You will have to use the EXACT text's as mentioned in the Instructions...

— "Toy Story 2" - "Great story. Mean prospector."  (they ask)
  "Toy Story 2"   "Great story. Mean Prospector."
— "Finding Nemo" - "Cool animation, and funny turtles."  (they ask)
  "Finding Nemo"   "Cool animation, and funny turtkes." <<=== you use !!!!
— "The Lion King" - "Great songs."  (they ask)
  "The Lion King"   "Great songs."


I understand know, thank you very much.