#4 I have to celebrate you baby


var getReview = function(movie) {
switch(movie) {
case 'Toy Story 2':
return "Great story. Mean Prospector";
case 'Finding Nemo':
return "Cool animation, and funny turtles";
case 'The Lion King':
return "Great Songs";
return "I don't know";

getReview('Toy Story 2');

//When I run this, console prints the appropriate review as expected, but I keep getting an error to check the review for Toy Story 2. Im not entirely sure what the issue is.


Common mistake. You need to add . at the end of your string and after every return put break; after it.


The "." at the end of each string did the trick. Although, I did read somewhere else that "break;" is not needed when using return, and that break is only used for if I were to use console.log(); . Is that not true? Either way, I appreciate the help. I feel pretty ridiculous for wasting so much time on such a simple mistake lol.


Yeah it's true about the return and console.log() trick because return is used now 'cos of we used function for switch/case.
And that dot thing is happening more then often to any of us. No problem about it :wink: