4. digit_sum


I don't know what to do at all. I need help-please don't give away the answer, just give me a hint to push in the right direction. The floor division doesn't make sense at all, I wish it had been introduced earlier so I could have time to get used to it...:tired_face:


Very few of the exercise in the "Practice makes Perfect" section make any sense to me. Should I just skip it and come back? Very confused :confused:


Can you perform those tasks manually? If so then it's a matter of analyzing how you do it and putting it into code. You'll find that you probably aren't doing floor division when doing this manually. So what do you do? Think about it, I think you'll find that python supports that same operation. Floor division only uses integer operations which the computer is very good at carrying out so you might want to experiment with it a bit and see if you can find a way to break loose digits with it (as in, pen and paper or in your head)


Can you explain that a little more please, some of that of was not completely clear...


Not sure how you think I'd be able to figure out which of that isn't clear to you. If you're asking me to guess then you're asking me to spend effort on explaining something you already know which isn't very considerate. So no, it's up to you to determine what information you need.


I'm sorry, I just wanted you to reword it for me, I didn't mean to sound like an inconsiderate person or anything. And also, I would have preferred that you had used a slightly nicer tone in your second reply.


I don't see anything wrong with my tone there, I'm sharing my perspective which is something you need to be aware of. Whenever you ask something you need to be specific about what information you are looking for and make sure that any effort you're asking for is something you can't do yourself or remove for example by being more specific or using a more minimal example etc.


Never mind, I'd like to end this conversation here.


See it as a culture crash. I'm looking to point out that asking in that manner doesn't allow me to reply with something that's sure to help and definitely will be very inefficient. Other than that everything's fine.


Ok, thank you, I understand your perspective now and I figured out the problem..


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