4. All Together now!


Hi I'm @nadbayfon and I'm new here.

I'm stuck in this one and can't see what the mistake is. Kepp refreshing the page but nothing happens. The same error keeps appearing:


4. All together now!

Hi inside your else statement you wrote

This condition is false

Instead of

The condition is false


Thanks @wizmarco! I see now that I was blind... I was going crazy!


@wizmarco, could you help me?

I wrote the following code:

// Write your if/elseif/else statement here!

    $age = 3;
    if ($age >= 18) {
        echo "You are old!"
    else ($age <= 17) {
        echo "You're young!"

But I dont get any result from it. Is anything wrong?


Hi the else statement doesn't take a condition

if ( condition) {
else {