4. Aliases I



I assume that I'm having trouble saving the the file everything else seems to be right, I have already pressed entered 8 times, I don't see the problem.


Same for me :-/

Have reset the lesson and done it again, refreshed, tried different browsers and computers but no fix...


@tomfbush i just now finished 4/11 and it took me a while to complete it but i found out where i was going wrong.....so here's what i learned
1. to add the alias type
nano ~/.bash_profile
2 then on the next screen type
alias hy="history"
3 control o
4 enter
5 control x
6 clear
7 source ~/.bash_profile
8 ~/.bash_profile

if you havent already your alias pw="pwd" to
nano ~/.bash_profile
you might wand to add that alias first


@teraclenin thanks for this, it helped me to finish the lesson.

In practical terms I did almost the same, except I think my initial nano command was nano .bash_profile -- I didn't refer to the home directory. Just assumed that's where I was. Can't see any other differences!

Thanks again :smiley:

Edit: a quick pwd confirms I was totally wrong to assume I was in ~!


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