4. Aliases I, step 2

can u help me with step 2 pls

Exercise: 4. Aliases I

Step 2 task:

… beneath the previous alias, add alias hy=“history”. Save the file and exit nano

Could you describe the trouble that you are having with that?

and what is the previous alias?

The previous alias is the one that you wrote in exercise 3.

This is what you would have written then - yes?:

alias pd="pwd"

I’m stuck on this one too! It’s a bit confusing.

Hi @ajax4699558103,

Since this thread is a bit dated (2015) I think you’d be justified in opening a new topic for your query. Please include a link to the project and details of your problem. See the following link for the basic guidelines for getting the best chance of a response-

thank you! very helpful. i will study up.