4. Aliases 1. Cannot get past step 4! Help please


I am able to get to step 4. But the source command doesn't do anything when typed into the command line.

Here is what I have done right-
1. nano ~/.bash_profile
2. alias hy="history",
3. CMD+O, enter, CMD+X, clear (Save and clear)

*Everything checks green up through 3 now. Everything previous works.

Then, after I return to a clear command line and type source,
it says (in a red error message) "type the command to source the bash profile"

What am I doing wrong?


Have you tried

source ~/.bash_profile


That worked! Thanks so much.


I did the same as you - exactly! and the 3rd task is not turning green even though everything went right. So, I am unable to continue with the source command. I have got the clear terminal, but the next task not active. I changed the browser - the result is the same - the same point...


OK I found the problem - I typed in 11 instead of ll (I stopped in the middle yesterday :))