4. Alias I 2. alias hy not allowing me to move on

I believe I have correctly create hy as an alias for the history command, it functions in the terminal, but I still cannot progress to step 3.

alias hy=“history”

/control O to save/
/type name and click ENTER/
/control X to exit/


/at this point the hy alias shows my history all the way back to nano, but the lesson does not open step 3?/

I guess I needed to reset the excercise and enter nano ~/.bash_profile on a single line. That is the only difference and it got me to the next step. Very odd…

I had to go back to the very beginning and reset pretty much everything I did in nano. Then I tried using the sudo command to change things which I read up on and it asked for ccusers password etccc

I’m stuck with pretty much the same problem. How did you solve it?