4.Add the Remote PLEASE HELP!


Exercise 4/7. My code is not working.

here's my code:
$git init
$git remote add origin http://github.com/theRhyme/Daisy

I don't know what's wrong with my code. It's not even displaying any type of error. The instructions card doesn't update to the next exercise.


Did the course have you create a repository earlier? If so, you should probably add the remote there


Got the same problem, cant make this thing run.


please ellaborate i'm still not getting it.
And I have already created a repository.


In your screenshot you create a repository. Had you not created one earlier in the course? If so, why are you creating another one in your screenshot instead of using the one the course asked you to create?


That doesn't add any information that I can reply to though. You'd have to describe what you're trying to do and what's stopping you, or ask for what information you're missing.


I have the same problem. I think it should be system error. It won't let me pass the task.


I passed. You should use "jekyll new folder" then inside that folder git init and git remote add origin https://github.com/your-user-name/your-user-name.github.io.git


it's still not working for me.


i think now i'm using the same repository the course wanted me to create. still not working. :confused:


You probably created some commits in that repository, so printing out the commits log would tell you whether you're in the right one. You will need to keep track of what you've done, there's no getting around that
In your last screenshot you're creating a new repository, so to me it still looks like you're in a different one.

Ask yourself where it is and what information you need to get there. You're navigating a file tree, no different from what you might normally do with graphical file navigators. If you put something in one place, don't expect it to be somewhere else. If you created something earlier, don't expect creating another to result in somehow ending up in the one you created previously somewhere else.

If you created a repository earlier, then getting back into it isn't going to involve creating another repository. (And you don't need me to figure that out) So you should rule that out entirely. How does one find something in a file system? How about search tools? What are you looking for? How about a .git directory, or some file that jekyll creates.


So all you really need to do here is to decide to look for the repository you created earlier.
You're expected to recall that you created a repository and that you are supposed to deal with that repository.
Consider what tools you have available that allow you to search in your home directory.
cd allows you to move, and ls allows you to see. That's the basic tools for searching. They're very manual, yes. But considering the size of your home directory, they're also entirely sufficient.

Same as when programming, you need to decide what you're doing before you do anything at all.


thank you so much :slight_smile: it worked


Can I ask how you got through this step, I tried to do everything what ionatan said in the earlier commit but still didn't get it to work, what do I do?


this worked for me.


Hi everybody,

I'm very confused, i've tried everything but I don't really understand why it does'nt work.
Can you help me please? It will be very kind
here you can find a screenshot of my work


I started again the exercise 3 and 4 but I'm still encounter problems...


I HAVE SUCCEEDED !!!! :sunny:


Pls take a screenshot so I can compare with what i have


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