4. Add the Remote PLEASE HELP ME


$ git remote add origin
usage: git remote add []

-f, --fetch           fetch the remote branches
--tags                import all tags and associated objects when fetching
                      or do not fetch any tag at all (--no-tags)
-t, --track <branch>  branch(es) to track
-m, --master <branch>
                      master branch
                      set up remote as a mirror to push to or fetch from

$ https://github.com/bitslayer32995/bitslayer32995.github.io.git
bash: https://github.com/bitslayer32995/bitslayer32995.github.io.git: No such file or directory

This is how my code looks like but it doesnt work, can someone tell me what I did wrong?


Unclear what you're typing in, your formatting makes it very confusing.
Also motivate why you're typing in what you are typing in (what are you trying to do, what's the current situation, what change do you therefore need to do)

The instructions probably describe what to type in, and it looks like git is also telling you what format it accepts. You can also do a bit of research on your own by googling the thing you're trying to do, a decent first search query would be "git remote add"

You also ought to consider what action you're currently carrying out and what information you'll therefore need to give to git. The instructions, git, googling will all tell you that you're missing a really important piece, so important that the command doesn't make sense at all without that information - which is why considering what you're trying to do will make it obvious what that missing information is (and even if it's not, you've got all those other sources reminding you)


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