4/9 Not sure what is wrong with code


I keep getting the error message "SyntaxError: Unexpected token <="

var userChoice = prompt("Do you choose rock, paper or scissors?");
var computerChoice = Math.random();
if (computerChoice <= .33) {
computerChoice = "rock";
else if (computerChoice, <= .66); {
computerChoice = "scissors";
} else {computerChoice === "paper";}

else {computerChoice === "paper";}

needs to be an assignment,

} else {
    computerChoice = "paper";


else if (computerChoice, <= .66);

There is a comma after computerChoice take it out


Good eye! Collaborative debugging at work...


in order to pass this one I wrote it like this.

if (computer choice >0<.33){


I have absolutely no idea how that let you pass. Do you think you could explain your thought process with this one? because to me it doesn't seem like it should work at all.

if (computerChoice < 0.33){

This is what I believe to be the best course of determining, because the "rand" function can't go below 0 so we don't need to worry about a definite parameter.