4/9 exam statistic


def print_grades(grades):
for grade in grades:
print grade

def grades_sum(grades):
total = 0
for grade in grades:
total += grade
return total

def grades_average(grades):
sum_of_grades = grades_sum(grades)
average = sum_of_grades / float(len(grades))
return average

def grades_variance(scores):
average = grades_average(scores)
variance = 0
for score in scores:
variance += (average - score) ** 2
result = variance / len(scores)
return result


def grades_std_deviation(variance):
result = variance ** 0.5
return result

variance = grades_variance(grades)

print grades
print grades_sum(grades)
print grades_average(grades)
print grades_variance(grades)
print grades_std_deviation(variance)

the run command executing is not responding it is showing the processing icon continuously even the reset option is not helping

4/9 what is the problem?

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