4/8 Contact List | What is wrong with my code?


i dont know what is wrong with my code.
It says that i dont have the firstName property, but i have, in my opinion.
Can anybody tell me the answer to my problemooo? :smile:




Its trying to make you do a object constructor and that is sadly not how you do it @mkmike000. So i will show you an example(not do the problem for you), and you learn and implement it to your code. :smile:

var friends = {
    James: {
        firstname: "James";
        lastName: "Gates",
        number: 54845645645

    Gates: {
        firstname: "Somone";
        lastName: "Else",
        number: 42394239482


@amanuel2 um...I happen to come across this post and saw on your bio that it's your bday today...
so just wanna wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :smiley:


Thanks! i couldnt come across that since i was sleeping :frowning: