4/7 Transportation i need help urgently. wot is wrong with this


return "you cannot


Hi @obierichiamaka,

There's plenty of mistakes in your code.

  1. cost (days*40) = 50 should be cost = cost - 50. Similarly for the next statement of cost (days*40) = 20
  2. You need not have the else branch since you are already returning the total cost outside of the if-elif-else ladder. And you are not supposed to return the string but the cost without any discounts on it.

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling: If you are unable to grasp these fixes, I highly recommend redoing the Python course from some point where you feel most comfortable. The statement you wrote - cost (days*40) = 50 seems to suggest that you are missing the basic concepts so you should definitely fix such errors before moving on to higher concepts like functions and objects. Thanks!


yes it did thanks a lot