4/6 I'm pretty sure my code is correct but it won't go


This is my code:

var morningAlarm = '6:30AM';
morningAlarm = '9:00AM';
console.log('Morning alarm is set to: ', morningAlarm)

I've even had the website give me the code but it still won't work.

I keep getting this error message:

Did you set '6:30AM' as the morningAlarm variable's value?

Does anyone know what's happening?


You aren't running each instruction seperately.

It's a common mistake, just set morningAlarm to '6:30AM', run it, and then set it to 9:00


Can you show an example :wink:


I can't really show examples.

You look at the first step, do it, then hit Save and Submit code.

Then you do that for the second.

And so on.


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