4/6 Can't figure out, EOF error message, any help is nice .thx


(sorry i just got back from playing poker with some buddies, was being a little goofy)
but.. please help me find what's wrong..

var user = prompt("You got Ace King Suited dealt to you as your starting hand in a game of poker, you are the big blind, everyone folds except the small blind who has called the raise of another opponent for 3x the anti, what is your move:CALL, RAISE, or FOLD?").toUpperCase();

switch(user) {
    case 'CALL':
        console.log("I would have liked to see another raise here from you, but let's see it out.");
    case 'RAISE': 
        console.log("Nice Work! Lets hope he doesn't have pocket Aces now, our logic here is that he would of bet higher if he was.");
    case 'FOLD: 
        console.log("Well.. that wasn't too smart. ");
    console.log("That's no way to play poker") ;


nevermind, for some reason it had logged my UpperCase() to LowerCase when i was playing with it in the previous lesson and so i had to write my CALL RAISE FOLD as call raise fold and it passed me..