4.5 - can't get the code right!



I need some help with this exercise. I tried my version of the code, which to me seems correct, but it didn't work (my code follows below). I tried to copy paste the code in the hint, which is similar to mine, and it didn't work too. :frowning:

var compare = function (choice1, choice2) {
 if (choice1 ==== choice2)   
    return "The result is a tie!";    


Is this your full code? How it can compare choices? It's only checking if choice1 is equal to choice2. What if choice1 is "paper" and choice2 is "rock"?


I believe that this is part of the final code, as in a work in progress that will result in the full code only in the end of the lesson.

This is what the instructions asked me to do. I guess for now the point is to code only the comparison in case the choices are the same.


this is the print screen


Ok, sorry. Next time, provide link to the lesson, please.

You have four equal signs instead of three.

 if (choice1 ==== choice2)

should be

 if (choice1 === choice2)


thank you! as always, these mistakes are very stupid.

i was kind of confused on how to post here, but be sure that I'll keep that in mind next time.


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