4/17 answer was right but not sure why


I entered this as my code and the answer is right and I passed, but what was logged in the console wasn't what was asked for. The instructions asked for each element to be logged to the console.


You should to call each language from your var:

1) The most principal mistake is that in your interpretation of 'for loop' you try to use the var 'language'. In the final, it will give you undefined console.log(languages[languages]), the system won't understand.
2) Also, you should change in your 'for loop' i<4 (that is maximum 3) into i<5 (meaning 4), because you will loose to call Ruby.


This was helpful. Thanks!


Just a quick question; did you guys get undefined in your end result?
I got it to log everything, but I keep getting the word undefined as well, and since we're here on the same problem, or at least this thread is, I figured I'd ask.


are you stopping the for loop at the right number? I used ' i < languages.length ' like in Oksana's answer


Thanks! This was very helpful for me.