I'm having a problem with 4/14. Any help?

suitcase = []

Your code here!


list_length = (4) Set this to the length of suitcase

print "There are %d items in the suitcase." % (4_length)
print suitcase


What is the problem?

You've posted some code but you haven't explained what you want it to do differently. Python will also refuse to run it since it's incorrectly indented! If indentation is not the problem, then it'd be nice if the indentation is also correct in your post so that it's possible to focus on the real problem.


Sorry for the late response... This is the problem: Oops, try again. Did you remember to assign a value to list_length?


You would set it to the length like this:

The (4_length) part is wrong, it should be the variable, which is list_length.