4/14 help


ok, so this is really confusing for me, I have NO CLUE how to “create a new jQuery selector that targets the

with the id #two

I am extremely dumbfounded, and I would really like someone to explain this to me.


@designjumper58702 Hi :slight_smile:

So, let me explain,

To “create a new jQuery selector,” you simply add this:


So, if you want it to target the id #two, you need to put #two between the quotations, like so:


I Hope this helps!


I guess I didn’t explain enough, what I did was
('target').after('<tag>To add</tag>'); (’


’ ID #one);

what came up was It looks like your

is still after the

with ID #one.

idk what to do next that’s what i needed help with, sorry.