I am confused on the fourth page of aliases.
Once I access nano and type in 'alias hy="history" ' then I cannot save and I don't know what to do from there.
Thank you!


What prevents you from saving?


I'm not sure, I keep doing "Control + O" but that doesn't seem to work


What do you expect to happen and what happens instead?
It doesn't just "not work", it does SOMETHING, or NOTHING but "not working" doesn't describe what that is.

Likely nano tells you what to do next, and what you need to do is to read what it says.

You can also use another editor, or some alternative method of adding that line.

For example, you can append a line like this:

echo 'alias hy="history"' >> ~/.bashrc

But before you just paste that in and declare it to work, keep in mind that the important part is to be able to do this yourself, not to just get past the exercise.

So what you should do is still to learn how to use nano (which is probably the simplest terminal text editor)


OMG!!!!!! Code Academy's exercises are frustrating me to no END!!!!!! Why are the instructions in every exercise so messed up and NEVER straight forward? Can Someone give me some guidance on hold to finish exercise 4/11? Nothing posted so far in the forum has worked and I followed all of the instructions to a T.