4/10 Sorting Your Friends (Classify)


Oops, try again. Did you remember to give at least one

a class of 'friend'?

Keep getting this error message. Does anyone know why?

<div><p class ="friend"></p><div/>
<div><p class ="family"></p><div/>
<div><p class ="enemy"></p><div/>


Quick guess: You have an extra space at the start of each class name in your html code.


Correct, and @otaylor9, you've also put the forward slashes (/) in the wrong place in the closing div tags.


Thank you both..changed both of those but still getting the same error message.


The classes should be added to your div opening tag, not your paragraph opening tag. If this still doesn't work, can you post an updated version of your code?


Not sure what I'm doing wrong with that...


Class should be inside the opening div tag, not it's own tag.


Yea, you should add the classes to the div, and not the paragraph:

<div class=""><p></p></div>