4/10 css



I am stuck on 4/10 CSS. I can not locate main.css the h1, finding this code difficult to write.
Need help


you want the code or you want explanation?
because I have the code but I don't know what does 'Palatino Linotype' do


Can I have both the code and a explanation plz thx. I'm new to this still a beginning :blush:


Can you share what you have?


Explanation is fine. But it's against the guidelines for us to just post the finished code. It's for you to figure it out.


Palatino linotype is a font.


If you want to change a style for h1 in main.css simply add

h1 {
    /* Put style here*/

In main.css.


this is my code for h1:

h1 {
color: chocolate;
font-family: Palatino, 'Palatino Linotype', serif;
font-size: 32px;

I'm not good in explanation but the second line (after h1. I count h1 as line 0) is the line that you need and it means that if the wed browser of the person how is using your site dose not support Platino it will set the font to serif
I hop it help if not tell which part you don't understand so i will explain it again
(sorry if i replayed a bit late and don't think it's bad to ask again )


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