[#39] AngularJS: "[33mWARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use" error



"[33mWARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use"

I am currently at the first exercise of the Services Lesson for the AngularJS course.

However, when I submit my code, the little checkbox in the instructions keep spinning and wont let me go to the next step.

If I just keep waiting, it returns an error message as above.

Here is a screenshot.

Please help me. Thank you


Thank you for taking the time to report this problem. It has also been reported by other learners. The people who can fix it have been alerted. :green_heart:


+1: same place, same problem.


same here... I first saw this: https://discuss.codecademy.com/t/services-i/31000

But now I'm stuck with that error log.


+1: Having the same problem. please help :smiley:


Just posting to say that this is still an issue


Even I am seeing this issue but in "Directives" lesson


Having the same problem. What is bad is I cannot continue on the course.


Same problem : "[33mWARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use"


Same on mine, I can not continue.


Same thing happening for me. Can't get past Servces 1:2 where you use the amazon json file. There needs to be a way to try and skip or something... I can't continue on. This is kind of annoying.


Have the same problem with AngularJS. Wrote a message to their Help desk regarding this error, waiting for a reply.


Got a reply from them.

So guys, just wait for a while. They're working on this problem.


It's ok for instruction : In the new file js/directives/appInfo.js, type in this code

but not ok for the next : Include this new JavaScript file in index.html in line 48 as a


Still happening.... any updates to when would this be fixed?


Same problem at 2. Routing II


Reporting on 08 Mar 2016: [33mWARN [karma]: [39mPort 9876 in use


How can I fix this problem? The annoying thing is that I can't go ahead!

EDIT: fixed itself after few hours


Same problem here. Still not fixed.


Have that problem as well. Can't keep on with the e-learning :confused: